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Patriot is a single-layered asphaltic shingle that uses advanced color technology to mimic the depth of multi-layered architectural shingles. Plus, with a 30 year warranty against manufacturing defects, you can stand tall knowing that Patriot is a smart and affordable roofing choice.

• A ‘heavyweight’ in the strip shingle class, offering longer life and greater resistance to weathering that standard strip singles

• Ten year StreakFighter® algae-resistance warranty

• Certified by Underwriter Laboratories as compliant with quality standards for wind, fire and tear resistance

Technical Information

• Fiber glass composition

• 215 lbs. per square

• UL Class A fire resistance

• UL certified to meet ASTM D3462

• UL certified to meet ASTM 3018 Type I

• Conforms to CSA standard A123.5

• Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance: Please see the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) to determine approved products by manufacturing location.


Colonial Slate



Prairie Wood

Shadow Black

Weathered Wood


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